No Objection Certificate (NOC)



Kidney Transplantation

·         Application letter

·         Form 21 duly prepared by the respective hospital

·         Letter of Affidavit (Donor and Receipient)

·         Passport

·         Birth Certificates (Donor and Recipient)

·         Marriage Certificate (If Married)

·         Parents Birth Certificate (If Under 18 years old)

·         Notarized I.D size photo

Cremation of Human Remains in India

·         Application letter

·         Death Certificate/Medical Report

·         Police (If deceased passed at residence/ hotel/ Guest House )

·         Consent letter from near relative for the deceased to cremated in India

Conveyance of Human Remains back to Fiji

·         Application Letter

·         Death Certificate- fully specifying cause of death

·         Police Report (if deceased passed away at residence/hotel or guest house

·         Certificate copy of Passport

·         Flight itinerary

 Requirements in Fiji

a)     That the remains are embalmed by a Registered Funeral Director (Embalmment Certificate)

b)     That the remains are encased in an air-tight casket; (Certificate from Coffin provider)

c)      That the remains are to be accompanied by original copies of Medical Certificates specifying the cause of death;

d)     Any other medical papers, including the passport and other travel documents of the deceased are to be presented at the port of entry (Nadi International Airport, Fiji) on arrival.



Confirmation of Marriage Status

·         Request letter

·         Original/ Certified copy Birth Certificate

·         Certified Copy of Passport

·         Signed Declaration form